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AMWR originated in Alpine, TX in 2007, we relocated the center to New Mexico in 2009. It is a home based rehab facility that is run by me and my husband. Our goal is to rehabilitate orphaned and injured wildlife from this area and to return them to the wild. We rehabilitate mammals such as; cottontails, jackrabbits, bobcats, javelinas, pronghorn, white tailed and mule deer, foxes and other small mammals. We do NOT rehabilitate birds, reptiles, bats, large predators, skunks or raccoons- we just don't have the facility for these animals. (If you need a rehabber for the animals We do not rehab please call your local game warden) Please look at the photo album pages to see some of the animals that we have rehabilitated and please sign the guest book. I would love to see what you think of the site and our work. 

Alpine Meadows occasionally has room for domestic and exotic animals (horses, birds, dogs, cats, rats, reptiles, & farm animals) who are in need or abandoned. However due to these animals needing longer care than their wildlife counter parts the facility is generally full. Please call to see if we have room for domestic animals if you are in need.  Animals that come into the facility are not up for adoption but live their lives out safely and peacefully at the sanctuary. Hence the extremely limited availability of this service.

We serve all of South East NM including but not limited to; Hobbs, Roswell, Clovis, Portales, Ft. Sumner & everywhere in between!

We have a Facebook group! If you would like to hear behind the scenes stories and extra pics of what's going on at the center, please feel free to join the group. All are welcome the more the merrier! Facebook group members help name the animals, share stories, see miracles and blessings that happen at the center and learn fun facts about animals each day. Come  on over and JOIN US!

Mission Statement

To provide humane and compassionate care for our New Mexico wildlife until they can resume their life in the wild. To honor their wildness and spirits and provide a dignified life and if need be a dignified ending to that life. To educate and communicate with the members of the community on how they can play a role in protecting our wildlife and their habitat.

Due to the nature of wildlife rehab Alpine Meadows does NOT offer tours. The animals at the facility are being rehabilitated for their eventual release back into the wild and it is extremely important to the animals survival that they maintain their respect and fear of humans. I am happy to let you view their pictures and profiles on this website though and I hope you enjoy them. We also have a facebook group you are welcome to join we post fun facts about animals and the center often there. Just look for Alpine Meadows Wildlife Rehab with the cute wildlife profile pic, all requests are accepted. Thank you.

Alpine Meadows Wildlife Rehab is funded solely on private donations from people like you and my dear hubby. It is not funded  by the state agency, government agency , the Fish & Wildlife Department or any other organization. All donations large and small are greatly appreciated and go directly to the care, feeding, housing, and medical attention of the animals. They really DO make a difference! Thank you for your donation.

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Contact: (575) 478-2227

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